Fun with Rhymes and Tongue Twisters

October 9, 2017

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Be silly with your little ones!  Kids love rhymes and tongue twisters!   Anytime you speak or sing to your children helps to develop their language and listening skills.  Children learn what sounds right by listening to you and enjoying the sound of your voice.  Rhymes and playing with rhyming are foundational skills for speaking and reading.

Nonsense rhymes and tongue twisters are a super fun way to bond with your child.  Kids see your joy in playing with words.  They have a great time singing a simple song or set of silly syllables with you.  These activities stimulate their minds.  Your undivided attention makes them feel wanted, important, included and loved.

Try some of these rhyming activities with your kids!

  1. Rhyming Thumbs: Say two words that may or may not match.  Have your kids decide if the words rhyme or not.  Thumbs up if they rhyme, thumbs down if they don’t.   Try another set of words.
  2. Toss, Rhyme, Catch: Get a ball and stand (or sit) facing each other.  The person who tosses the ball says a word.  The other catches and throws it back, saying a word that rhymes.  Keep going until you run out of rhyming words, then start with a new word.
  3. Tongue Twisters: Practice some of the old tongue twisters from when you were a child.   Try “She sells seashells by the seashore” or “How many pecks of pepper could Peter Piper pick?” 

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