Should I Worry About Spoiling My Baby?

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Are you worried that you might overdo responding to your baby’s cues and spoil your baby?  Is your partner or relative telling you to let baby cry instead of picking him up all the time?

Being “spoiled ” would mean that your baby has learned to manipulate you to attend to his every whim 24 hours a day.    Young babies do not know how to purposely manipulate or annoy you.

How can he get his needs met?  He cries ~ remember that is the only way he can communicate with you ~ the only way he can tell you that he is tired, hungry, wet, lonely or frightened.   

What he is learning during this time is a sense of basic trust in the world.  When you respond quickly and lovingly to his cries, he will come to know that he can count on you.  

Young babies are pretty much spoil-proof.     Experts agree that it is impossible to spoil your baby in the first year by responding to his needs.  Research has shown that picking him up when he cries will not spoil him ~ in fact ~ he will turn out to be happier, more secure, and able to explore the world on his own.  

When you respond to your baby and provide what he needs, baby is usually calmed.  Baby’s stress reaction turns off, his brain begins to create connections and he learns to soothe himself.  Once he understands that you take his cries seriously, he’ll be less likely to cry for no reason ~ and will sleep more at night.

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