NEWS RELEASE: National Child Day 2009 – Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child


Friday, November 20th marks the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which spells out the basic human rights to which children everywhere are entitled.

All children have the right to a great beginning in life and need parents and other caregivers to:

  • Love them
  • Play with them
  • Feed them
  • Protect them

On this National Child Day, you can turn everyday moments into opportunities to help children grow, develop and learn about the world around them.  As a parent, you can shape the kinds of experiences your child has.  That’s why it’s important to spend lots of time playing with your child.  Did you know that:

  • When children play, they are actually working?
  • You are an essential “partner” in your child’s play?
  • Play allows children to explore and discover the world and their role in it?
  • When children play together, they learn to socialize with each other?
  • Play helps children learn to talk?

Encourage your children to make play dates with friends and be sure to play with your child everyday!

Take time on November 20th to celebrate National Child Day.  Visit the National Child Day Web Site ( to find ideas about how children, youth, parents, caregivers and educators can celebrate the rights of our next generation and our future.

For more information, contact your local Regional KidsFirst Community Developer:

  1. Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region East – Larry Tittle – Phone: 697-4048, email
  2. Regina Qu’Appelle Heath Region West – Sharon McCarthy – Phone:  698-7375, email:
  3. Sun Country Health Region – Madeleine Valentine – Phone:  453-2071, email:
  4. Sunrise Health Region – Alison Wagner – Phone: 786-5879, email:

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