MUSIC MONDAY—Monday, May 3, 2010

Hundreds of thousands of students across Canada will unite in song on May 3 for the fifth annual MUSIC MONDAY celebration.  At the exact same time across the country, schools from coast to coast will be united by one piece of music.  The theme song for MUSIC MONDAY, “Sing Sing” was composed by Juno Award winner, Serena Ryder. 

MUSIC MONDAY was created by the Coalition for Music Education in Canada to support music education for harmony, creativity and achievement in young people.  The coalition believes that music is key in learning and life

Parents and caregivers of young children can support this inititative on MUSIC MONDAY and every other day by sharing musical experiences with youngsters in relaxing environments.  Music experiences need not be formal lessons, but rather part of the daily lives of young children.  Singing together, practicing simple rhythm patterns and echoing activities all help in a child’s development.  Music needs to be an important part of everyone’s life.  “Let’s Fill the Skies with Music”

To learn more about MUSIC MONDAY visit and for details.

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