Bicycle Safety Week


Activities with wheels are fun and are good ways to get exercise. But it’s important to stay safe so that kids can keep active. Head injuries are the #1 cause of serious injury and death to kids on wheels. A helmet could save your child’s life!

The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute has asked the Minister responsible for Crown Corporations to declare May 31 – June 5, 2010 Bicycle Safety Week in Saskatchewan. The theme of this year’s Bicycle Safety Week is Got Wheels? Get a Helmet! (Safe Kids Canada).


Goals and Messages

 Bicycling-related injuries are preventable; bicycle helmets have been shown to reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85 per cent and cyclists can further reduce the risk of injury by practicing safe cycling behaviour and following the rules of the road.

 Children must be taught to respect that bicycles are vehicles, not toys, and that every ride must include the use of a helmet.

 Adult cyclists must model appropriate cycling behaviour by always riding on the right, obeying all traffic laws, and wearing helmets.

 Educate cyclists and parents/caregivers of cyclists about the importance of proper training and equipment necessary for safe cycling.

 Increase awareness of the number of cycling-related injuries; over 100 Saskatchewan children under 20 years of age are hospitalized from cycling-related injuries every year.

How you can get involved:

 Bike safety parade

 Educational sessions at schools (bring in police, EMS, or survivor of crash)

 “Rules of the road” blitz

 Bike Rodeo

 Helmet fitting

 Community safe bike ride

 Colouring contest

 Family fun day – have bike safety presentations to parents and children, barbeque, drawing contest and games

 Distribution of prevention materials

 Helmet patrol

 Survey of helmet usage

Additional resources for Parents

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