Dads Make a Difference


   The importance of father’s involvement

  • A new study has pointed out that toddlers get more breathing space from their fathers, which encourages them to explore their environments more.
  • Fathers need to spend time with their babies in order to get to know them better and get ‘tuned in’ to their needs. Watch for cues that baby is ready for some fathering interaction. 
  • Many fathers find rewarding times with baby by showing the baby this big, wide world we live in! 
  • When fathers play with their toddlers, they are not just entertaining them. They are providing a safe, yet challenging arena for toddlers to learn how to interact with the world and with others. 
  • Through rough-and-tumble play, fathers create obstacles for their children and demand respect for limits and boundaries. At the same time, they challenge their children and encourage them to explore their own strength, their ability to do new things, and their impact on the world around them.

 Dad’s involvement with Breast feeding

  • 98.1 percent of mothers breastfed when fathers were completely supportive. However, when fathers were indifferent, mothers only breastfed 26.9 percent of the time.
  • Babies need lots of physical contact, and when not breastfeeding, a father’s loving arms are a wonderful place for his baby to be.
  • A hungry baby won’t be at all interested in playing. But once baby has nursed his fill, dad can take over…”
  • Try letting your full breastfed baby lie on her father’s chest. Rocking baby on the father’s shoulder is often a favorite activity.
  • The support of a baby’s father can help the breastfeeding relationship succeed. The father can help calm a fussy baby and bring the new mother food and drink while she is breastfeeding.
  • Most importantly the baby’s father can remind the new mother that breastfeeding is one of the most important things she can do to get their baby off to a good start in life.


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