Communicating with your Baby


Long before your child can talk, he is learning about language.  He is sending you clues about what he needs, wants and feels.  He will test different cries, gurgles, and facial expressions to see how you respond – then he’ll keep doing the ones that get the results he wants!

Make eye contact and respond to your baby’s facial expressions.  Return your baby’s smiles.  Your baby will become more alert and enjoy exploring your face and expressions. 

It takes two to talk!  Give your baby lots of chances to chat.  Your baby will use actions, faces, and words to tell you her needs, interests, and feelings.  As she learns that she can make things happen, she will develop confidence and want to try new things. 

Copy Cat!  Try repeating the sounds your baby makes and adding new ones.  Copy the faces he makes.  Imitating is a wonderful way for your baby and family to play together.

  • Responding to your baby develops trust.  Your baby will learn that she can count on you!
  • Responding to your baby’s babbling sounds will let him know you are interested in him and encourage him to babble on!

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