Let Me Help!


Children learn by watching, listening, asking and trying new things.  Including preschoolers in household chores can help them learn responsibility and share the family workload.  Everyday tasks can be a fun way to spend quality time with your child, and are a better way to help your child get ready for school than worksheets on numbers, letters or words.   

Let your child help you around the house and talk about what you are doing together.  Your preschooler may enjoying helping you with:    

Cooking ~   

  • make sandwiches or mini pizzas
  • choose ingredients for salads or soups
  • cut or grate veggies and fruits
  • measure and pour ingredients
  • beat eggs, whip cream or make icing
  • grocery shopping
  • set table

Washing & Cleaning ~   

  • sort clothes into piles of dark and light colours
  • put socks in pairs
  • measure soap and put in washing machine
  • dust or wipe surfaces
  • put away toys
  • dry unbreakable dishes and put them away

Outside ~        

  • feed pets
  • rake leaves
  • plant bulbs or seeds
  • help water flowers or the garden
  • help wash the car

Try not to do things for your child that he can do himself.  Don’t look for perfection or constant success.  Expect only what your child is capable of for his age and stage or development ~ and remember that what is reasonable to expect for one child may be totally unrealistic for another.      




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