September is Breakfast for Learning Month




September is Breakfast for Learning Month and a special time to shine the spotlight on child nutrition and its important link to learning. Research shows that well-nourished students have better memory, problem solving skills, creative abilities and self-esteem – overall, they do better in school.    

Healthy Eating Tips for Back to School

As another school year begins, the routine of busy mornings, packing lunches and after school snacking returns.  Here are some helpful hints to help your child get the nutrition needed to stay healthy and do well in school:   

  • Eat a balanced breakfast each morning, including choices from at least three of the four food groups, such as a bowl of whole grain cereal with milk and berries.
  • Encourage children to choose healthy food options, like packing nutritious lunches, choosing milk or water over pop, and salads instead of fries.
  • Have healthy snacks ready for kids on the go, such as yogurt or pre-cut veggies and fruit.
  • Post a copy of Canada’s Food Guide on your fridge to remind children and youth to get their daily recommended servings of each food group.   Visit to get your own copy. 

 You can find more information or order nutrition education resources online at   



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