Preschool Cooperative Play Activities


  • Side-by-Side Science Set up simple experiments where kids can discover and share ideas.   Using household items, children can explore what floats and what sinks, or how many rocks weigh the same as one toy truck.
  • Outdoor Car Wash.  As the “driver” brings her bike or wagon in, the “carwasher” can take the tickets or play money and wash the cars with a cloth or big sponges and a pail of water. The kids can work together to create car wash signs and tickets or money.   Encourage the children to take turns and play the different roles. 
  • Table Paint –  Creative art activities encourage cooperation while helping children develop their creative-thinking and fine-motor skills.  Tape a large sheet of paper over a low table and let two or more children finger paint all over the paper.  As they squish their fingers through the paint, they will create a unique painting together.
  • Act It Out!  When children are involved in make-believe, they strengthen their social skills and learn to share, take turns, and cooperate. Give the kids some simple props to use in dramatic play, such as empty food containers; wooden spoons; pots and pans; paper plates; old hats, shirts, and shoes; hats; index cards and markers; and old phones and typewriters. These items can spark their imaginations and encourage them to act things out together.

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