Let Your Toddler Take the Lead

Toddlers are busy exploring the world around them.  Sometimes the best play happens when you take a back seat and let your toddler run the show.  Remember he won’t care about making things look “perfect”, or learning how to do things “properly”.   Toddler play is all about repetition, cause and effect and discovering what he can make happen.  Your part may be small, such as making the “choo-choo” sounds of a train while he pushes  it along the tracks.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the outside looking in as he plays.  Use this time to talk about what he is doing ~ and let him tell you about it in his own words.   

Let your toddler take the lead: 

  • Let him choose the activity or toy.
  • Let him start the talking or activity.
  • Don’t correct what he is doing.
  • Don’t worry about mess and resist the temptation to keep tidying up.

Give your toddler your full attention:

  • Show that you are listening and paying attention to what he is doing.  Watch and echo back what he says.
  • Talk about what he is doing, and accept the way he is doing it.  
  • Praise what he is doing as often as possible. 
  • Use short, simple words

Toddlers will get into mischief ~ faster than you can imagine!   They may break things or hurt themselves.  Keeping your toddler safe is a big part of your job as a parent.  Make sure your toddler has safe surroundings and is never alone for long.

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