National School Run Day 2010 – Thursday, September 30, 2010


 “Take the Terry Fox Challenge”

In 1980, Terry Fox faced considerable challenges while running the equivalent of a marathon a day for 143 days during his 3,339 mile Marathon of Hope.  It was all about effort for Terry.  He challenged himself every day with one goal in mind: raise the most money he could to end cancer.  Now it’s your turn. 

In this the 30th anniversary year of the Marathon of Hope, The Terry Fox Foundation is asking educators across the country to step forward and unite in the spirit of “challenge” by issuing 3,339 school challenges – one for each mile that challenged Terry!

Click here to download our brochure, filled with fun photos of challenges.

(Note: A Terry Fox Challenge is not mandatory – as usual, a Terry Fox Run can be held without issuing a challenge)

What is involved?

1] Your school first must be registered with the Foundation’s 2010 National School Run.

2] Launch a fun challenge to the students (make sure you have the approval of the principal/administration!):

For example: “If we raise $500 more than last year, I will sing a rap song in the cafeteria. If we raise$1000 more, the principal, the phys ed teacher and I will sing a rap song”.

3] Register your challenge with us. You can even write a description on our website, and send in photos / videos.

4] Have fun – you will be:

• taking part in a national project that will be a fitting tribute to Terry’s efforts 30 years ago

• bringing staff and students together in a fun atmosphere

• raising more funds for cancer research

Students can get in on the fun as well by launching challenges, either as individuals or groups.  A student can launch a challenge to his/her friends or family; perhaps one class will challenge another – the winner will be cancer research!

To see what schools are ‘Taking The Terry Fox Challenge”, please click here.

To see a running count of the number of challenges across Canada, please click here.

For more information call your Terry Fox Foundation provincial office at 1 888 836 9786.

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