Make the Most of Those Special Moments

Your newborn baby will have “quiet alert”  times where she is cuddly, still, awake and calm ~ just looking around at you and her surroundings.   She will not be fussy, whiny or unhappy.  All of her energy is focused on just seeing and hearing.   This is when she is taking in the world around her and learning the most about her life.

What Should You Do?
Use this time to talk to your baby.  She will already recognize your voice from the time she was in the womb, but now she will really be putting a face to it.  Be sure to have dad, siblings and other relatives talk to her as well.

Walk around with her and point out things around the house ~ “This is the kitchen where we eat.  This is the bedroom where we go to sleep.” 

Use this time to be active with your baby.  Do simple exercises with her like arm raises and bicycle legs. These actions will help strengthen her muscles and she will enjoy them.  Give her a bath while she is calm and quiet ~ starting to do baths now, while she is happy, may help her like baths down the road when some babies decide that baths are just a waste of time.

Enjoy It!
This “quiet alert” time won’t last forever.  Soon enough your baby will be crawling, walking, and playing with toys.   At that point there will be very little downtime with visual learning, and much more hands on learning.   The “quiet alert” time will probably turn into a “noisy awake” time where there are toys rattling and pots and pans banging, starting a whole new stage of fun and laughter.

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