Healthy Eating ~ Why is it Important? Part 1

 How does healthy eating help children?  

Children need balance and healthy food choices to:  

1)  Improve their moods by balancing their sugar levels and hormones 

2)  Prevent diseases, developmental problems, moodiness and anger 

3) Improve school performance ~ children are able to concentrate for longer periods and retain information better.

4) Develop good eating habits that will last a lifetime.

What are Healthy Foods?

Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, low-fat dairy products.
What else?

Besides eating healthy, it’s also important that parents and their children exercise at least 30 mins a day.  REMEMBER: Children learn by example.

Easy Fitness Dance video that your whole family will love:   

VIDEO HINT: Ask your child to lead and you follow the routine. Anyone can do this, all you need is music.

 Portion Control?

Combining Healthy Foods choices into your meals is important, but so is eating the right amount.    
Check out the Canada Food Guide. 

Watch a presentation on Portion Control   <—- Click here

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