The “Ageless” Building Blocks

December 27, 2010



Most families have a set of building blocks ~ somewhere. Here are a few ideas on how to introduce (or re-introduce) this ageless toy to your child.


With your baby . . .

• Copy your baby when he bangs blocks together.

Say, “Bang, bang, bang”.  Wait to see what he will

do…will he laugh, smile, make a sound, or will

he bang the blocks again?  Copy again.

• Build a tower for your baby to knock over. Say,

“Up, up, up” when you build it and “Fall down!”

when baby knocks them down.  Do it again.  You

may have to help your baby at first, but that’s



With your toddler . . .

• Build your own tower beside

your toddler.  Say, “More

block”, or “Block up” as you

stack them.  Say, “Tower

crashed”, or “All fall down”

when he knocks it over.

Say, “Tower again?” or “More tower?” and wait

to see what he says.

• Be silly.  Put the block on your head and say,

“Block on head”, or “Where’s the block?” Wait to

see what she will do.


With your preschooler . . .

• Build cars, houses, or any fabulous creation your

child likes.  Talk about the sizes, colours, and

shapes of blocks you need.  Ask if you need a

tiny one, a big one, a blue one, a round one, or a

pointy one.

• Once you’ve built something, play

pretend with your child.  Talk about

what you are pretending to do.

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