Winter Activity Fun for the Whole Family!

Why Family Time is Important…..

 Children need love, attention, and supervision. The best gift you can give your child is your time.


 Spending time as a family provides your children with feelings of  love, support, security and safety.


 Did you know that when you play with your children you’re not only bonding, you’re also lowering your stress?


 Because you’re having fun.


 Why is Playtime Important for Children?


Playtime is valuable time. Children learn through play. During play children often imitate valuable adult behaviours, stretch their imagination, reinforce creativity, and feel like they have accomplished something. When you play with your child you add to these benefits by making your child feel important and valued. They also learn how to interact with others.

HINT: As you play with your child let your child decide what to play. They usually choose an activity that they are interested in. When a child decides what to play it will keep their attention longer. It also increases the child’s feelings of self-worth. Because they feel that their parent likes and is interested in the things that they do. You might get bored with the same activity but your child learns through repetition. Not only is playtime important so is developing your child’s imagination.

WHY is Imagination Important?


Children who actively use their imagination reap a host of benefits, such as playing cooperatively and being successful in school. 

Here are some amazing benefits that come from developing the imagination:

  • Helps children solve problems
  • Allows children to practice real-life skills.
  • Encourages a rich vocabulary. Telling and hearing real or made-up stories, reading books and pretend play help children learn and retain new words.
  • Imagination helps children grow up to be adults who are creative thinkers. 

 7 Ways to Nurture a Child’s Creative Imagination: VIDEO  

Winter is here and so is the cold weather, but just because summer is gone doesn’t mean there is nothing to do

Here are some winter fun links

Imaginative Play Games, Scenarios, Ideas:  CLICK HERE


  • Outdoor Craft Ideas:                      (I’m going to try making the ice crystal lantern) 

  • Winter Craft ideas:     

  • Christmas Craft ideas:

Outdoor Fun:

    There is a section on how to make coloured snowman- something we’re going to try this weekend.



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