Family Literacy Day

 Family Literacy Day is held on January 27, to celebrate families to reading and learning together. Families are encouraged to spend at least 15 minutes a day enjoying a learning activity such as reading, writing, playing a game, following a recipe or even singing a song.

The 2011 Family Literacy Day theme is Play for Literacy!

Board games, card games and word games are all fun ways to build your child’s literacy and numeracy skills.  Turn off the TV and try a Family Game Night ~ it’s a great way to grow closer, create lasting memories and have fun! 

Want to make your Family Game Night even more memorable?
The Family Game Night Tool Kit offers HELPFUL TIPS, FUN RECIPES and a QUICK GUIDE of the best games for your family. There’s also a reminder of all the great BENEFITS a Family Game Night provides for you and your family.

Get Creative? Take your favorite game and personalize it. Gather your family together, armed with paint brushes, markers and imagination. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some ways to bring literacy into your everyday life:

  • Road Trips don’t have to be boring. Turn off the radio and play fun games involving signs, billboards and licence plates.
  •  Play an active game such as ‘Simon Says’.
  • Open a book and make up a story using just the pictures.
  • Follow a recipe to make a batch of cookies. ~ not only will it help with math skills but there’s also a yummy treat at the end!
  • Card games like ‘Go Fish’ help children learn to articulate sounds and improve memory development.
  • Have a scavenger hunt! Give your kids a list of items that have been hidden around the house and ask them to find them.

Looking for more ideas? Click here to find Tips, Resources and an Activity Book from ABC Life Literacy Canada. 

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