My Baby’s Story…A Prenatal Keepsake

Our prenatal calendar is designed to help you as you start on the most amazing journey ever! 

 The prenatal calendar starts with “Things to think about” section, tips and advice as your start on your journey.

When you find out you’re pregnant, you can put the appropriate month stickers on the “First Trimester: Weeks 1-4” section.

Each month the calendar will cover: How your baby is developing, What you may notice or feel, Helpful Tips and Reminders for your regular prenatal appointments.

As you get closer to your due date the calendar outlines: Signs of Labour and Things to pack for your hospital stay.

When your baby arrives, the calendars covers: Why Babies Cry, Newborn Safety Tips, Brain Development and The First 2 Weeks at home with a New Baby.

The last page of the calendar is full of parenting resources and information.

Our prenatal calendar comes with fun and practical stickers that cover many areas such as: Jeans don’t fit, Can’t see my feet, Due Date, Heard Heartbeat, Got Car Seat, Hard Kicks, Active Baby, Prenatal Classes,  Prenatal Appointment, etc.

If you’re interested in receiving FREE Prenatal Calendars, please leave a comment or contact one of the Regional Contacts and we’ll get a calendar out to you or to your group.

Don’t forget to fill out the Prenatal Calendar Evaluation Form at the back of the calendar.

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