Ready for School ~ Physical Health and Well Being

Physical Health and Well Being is:

  1. physical readiness for school ~  not arriving at school tired, late or hungry
  2. physical independence  ~  can look after own needs, is well coordinated and do not suck a thumb/finger
  3. gross motor skills ~  able to catch and throw a ball
  4. fine motor skills ~ able to hold crayons and pencils

You are your child’s first and most important teacher!  You can help your child to:

  • Learn to get dressed on her own
  • Learn to use the bathroom without help
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Eat healthy food
  • Be active

Many children have trouble with gross and fine motor skills when they go to school.    Try some of these easy and fun activities to improve your child’s motor skills:

Activities  for small (fine) muscles Activities for large (gross) muscles
  •  playdough – roll it into small balls, long ropes or cut it into pieces
  • tear paper into strips – use for a collage or crumble into balls
  • crumble whole pieces of newspaper in one hand at a time
  • lace beads or macaroni onto string
  • cut out paper with scissors, using the correct grip
  • pick up small objects with clothespins or tweezers
  • fingerpaint with different textures, such a ketchup or pudding
  • screw and screw lids from tubes of toothpaste and other small jars and containers
  • zip, button and snap closures on shirts, jackets and pants
  • draw, paint and colour
  • put together puzzles
  • set out different locks and keys – have your child try to match keys and unlock each one
  • turn pages of a book
  • let her draw large circles, using one hand then the other. 
  • let her help you cook – practice pouring, kneading, tearing and cutting with a butter knife.
  •  wheelbarrow or crab walking
  • swing, slide or climb at a playground
  • hang on playground equipment
  • walk up and down stairs
  • hop or balance on one foot, and then the other.  Hop or walk along a piece of tape, string or rope
  • play tag or other games, such as Follow the Leader, Red Light/Green Light and Simon Says
  • have a parade – march, jog, skip and hop
  • dance, either freestyle or through songs with movement, like “I’m a Little Teapot”
  • throw, catch, kick and roll large, lightweight, soft balls
  • make an indoor obstacle course – use pillows, blankets, chairs, pots, pans, measuring cups, water, anything and everything!  Activities could include walking along a chalk line, jumping over a box and crawling through a tunnel.
  • imitate the movement of different animals – slither like snake, waddle like a duck, hop like a rabbit, gallop like a horse…

Children who are healthy and happy are children who are prepared to learn and succeed – both at school and throughout life!

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