Ready for School ~ Communication Skills & General Knowledge

March 28, 2011

Communication is the ability to clearly communicate one’s needs and to understand others (both talking and listening). 

General knowledge is an interest in the outside world.

Children who are ready for school are generally:

  • happy playing with others
  • eager to learn
  • beginning to take responsibility for themselves and others
  • curious
  • learning to cooperate

You are your child’s first and most important teacher!  Here are some ways to enhance your child’s Communication Skills and General Knowledge:

  • show him that it is exciting to learn new things
  • listen to him without interrupting
  • let him ask lots of questions
  • encourage him to play with many toys and materials (beads, clay, leaves)
  • ask open ended questions, such as “What did you do outside?”
  • talk about his  feelings – “You seem upset.  What’s making you sad?”  In books and on TV, ask him what a character is feeling, why they are feeling that and what they might need.
  • encourage problem solving – try putting items that make a distinct sound into two matching containers (ie:  two containers with dry rice, two with water).  Let him shake the containers and match the sounds.
  • praise his efforts.  Your approval will help him believe in his own abilities.

 Children who communicate well – both as listeners and talkers – and who are curious to learn about the world around them are children who are prepared to succeed – both at school and throughout life!