Healthy Eating ~ Why is it Important? Part 2

Why is it important for you and your children to eat healthy?

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PARENTS should eat HEALTHY too!

Ever wonder why stars like Demi Moore rave about raw fruit and vegetables diets? Healthy food choices improve your skin tone, and firm and brighten your skin so that you look and feel younger ~ not to mention that you lose weight and retain your healthy body weight.

  • No more Yo-Yo diets.
  • No more risky diet pills and plans.

Its simple and effective ~ just add more raw fruits, vegetables, lean meat, low-fat dairy and whole grain into every meal.

REMEMBER children copy and learn from your example ~ Be a healthy role model ~ if you eat healthy, they will too!

Why don’t more families eat healthy?

Families have forgotten the reason why they need to eat healthy.

You’re stressed and tired, your kids are cranky and it’s more convenient to grab processed fast food than to try to cook a healthy meal.

What families are forgetting is that they are actually damaging their bodies by eating this way. Heated, processed and fast foods are highly carcinogenic and contain toxins, which lead to cancer and disease.

Think about this… How do you feel after eating a greasy meal? Tired? This is because your blood is full of fat, it’s heavy and thick and your heart has to pump harder.

How do you feel after you’ve eaten fruit? Energized, positive? This is your body’s way of telling you what it likes!

Another BONUS about eating healthy is that you and your family’s hormones will level out.  There will have fewer crabby, tired, and sad days plus everyone will be more immune to stress! The end result is a happier, more confident and positive family.

Now who doesn’t like that?

So let’s recap ~ you and your family will:

  • look younger
  • lose weight (and keep it off)
  • be more positive

Wow! The fountain of youth isn’t in a pill ~ it’s in your raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

How to get your kids to eat healthy VIDEO:

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

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