Brain Awareness Week ~ Question 2

Today’s “Brain Quiz” statement is:

“Babies are born with the ability to

learn all the languages in the world.”   

 – True?

 – False?

– Not sure?

Click here for today’s answer


Here are some ways to make learning language easier for baby:

  • Talk more slowly, raise the pitch of your voice and exaggerate the accent on words.  This makes it easier for babies to hear language and recognize the patterns of words. 
  • Repeat words and phrases.  Repetition helps babies learn to understand speech and strengthens the language connections in the brain.
  • Play language games with baby by repeating what baby says and add a new sound.  Taking turns talking with baby is one of the best ways to experience language.
  • The more talking, singing and reading that a baby hears, the more words she will understand and use.

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