April 7th is World Health Day…



The Global Spread of Drug Resistance

New wonder drugs can treat conditions that would have been fatal a few decades, or even a few years ago. For World Health Day 2011, The World Health Organization (WHO) will launch a worldwide campaign to protect these medicines for future generations.

What is antimicrobial resistance?

The biggest health problem today is that our bodies are becoming resistant to many medicines.

Drug resistance happens when micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) change in ways that make the medications used to fight them not work.  When the micro-organisms become resistant to most drugs they are often called “superbugs”.  This is a major concern because these superbugs may kill, and can spread to others.

Drug resistance also happens when medicines are used incorrectly ~ for example, when you do not finish a prescription.  Low-quality medicines and wrong prescriptions also encourage the development and spread of drug resistance.

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