Developmental Milestones ~ 4 Months


 It is exciting when your baby learns to do new things, and it is important to remember that each child develops at his or her own pace ~ with both leaps and lags.   Around 4 months of age, you may notice that your baby:

  • is hungrier because she  is going through a growth spurt
  • has started teething – put something in her hand and it’s likely to go right into her mouth
  • can babble, smile, laugh and squeal
  • enjoys spending time on her  tummy and lifting her head
  • looks at you and follows your face
  • turns her head towards a sound or your voice
  • has nearly doubled in weight since birth

Keep the learning happening with lots of love and snuggles.   Encourage healthy development by:

  • Saying “no” to pop, sugar water or juice in bottles or cups.  Breast is best, and formula is good, too.
  • Wiping baby’s teeth after feeding (even if it’s just milk)
  • Talking!  When baby says “aaauugoogoo” – she is talking – so talk back!  When she gives you sounds, repeat them back to her, and wait for the conversation to continue!
  • Giving baby tummy time to strengthen her neck.  Start slow by laying your baby on your chest.  She will want to lift her head and look at your face. 
  • Helping  her roll over
  • Placing baby in front of a mirror.  Point to baby’s reflection and then your own.  Talk about what you see. 
  • Providing simple baby toys to encourage hand-eye coordination
  • Holding  or “wearing” your baby
  • Massaging your baby
  • Kissing  your baby a thousand times a day
  • Telling your baby all the reasons she is special!

Every time you hold, read to or play with your baby,  you are helping her brain grow and develop!

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