Positive Parenting – Tips and Techniques for Any Age


 Positive Parenting Tip #1:  Most times children over react because they are tired, over stimulated or want your attention.

  • Utilize empathy in every situation. Understand why they are feeling what they are feeling and respond appropriately.
  •  When your child wants your attention, stop what you are doing. Showing your child that they are important, creates a lasting impression upon them and builds a solid foundation for your relationship.

Positive Parenting Tip #2 Listen to your child.

  • When your child is talking to you, focus all your attention on what your child is saying. Try to understand from your child’s point of view. 
  •  Listening inventively will lay the ground work for building trust that will last into adulthood. You want your children to feel comfortable to come to you when they need you the most so don’t close the door of communication by being too busy or occupied.

Positive Parenting Tip #3 Keep a positive attitude.

  • Understand that the tone of your voice, body language, words and expressions affect your child’s developing self-esteem.
  • When parents are stressed or overworked they are more likely to yell at their children. Remember that it is not your child’s fault that you are stressed. Your child wants your attention because they love you. Take a few moments to calm yourself if you’re feeling too overwhelmed.
  • If you need help with the chores, ask your child to set the table or put away the dishes. Children need to contribute to feel a sense of responsibility in the family.

Positive Parenting Tip #4 Play together

  • Remember what it was like when you were a child and your parents played a game with you? These are the moments that create lasting memories and help you bond. Pull out a board game, cards, or go outside and throw the ball around.
  • Use this time to unwind from your day and have some fun too!
  • Remember to praising their accomplishments, however small, this will make them feel proud

Positive Parenting Tip #5 Routines

  • Provides your children with stability.
  • Minimizes the overreaction and temper tantrums as your child knows what to expect.

Positive Parenting Tip #6 Use consistent standards for all disciplinary decisions.

  • Try not to overreact to an issue or ignore it. Have a clear set of rules and acceptable behaviours to helps your child know what is expected.

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