The Importance of Mealtime

Mealtime is more than just gathering around the table to share food, it is an opportunity to ensure bonding, growing as a family, and enjoying everyone’s company.

Mealtime is a great time to teach table manners and to open communication.  Turn the TV off, remove all distraction, and talk. Set the tone of the meal, by discussing your day in a  positive way and including your child in the conversation. Your child will feel loved and respected when everyone around the table is listening to them. 

Remember mealtime is family time.

Mealtimes can sometimes be difficult and stressful when your children:

• Refuse to come to the table

• Play with food

• Refuse to feed themselves

• Have tantrums

•Say, I don’t like that, and refuse to eat

How to make mealtimes fun:

   •Praise your children when they try new foods

•Cut food into shapes

•Involve your child in meal preparation and serving meals

•Do not let your child play with toys, read books or watch TV while having their meals

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