May is Speech & Hearing Month!

May is the Time to Celebrate Speech and Hearing 

Did you know that millions of Canadians have a speech, language or hearing problem?

Many of us take our abilities to hear and speak for granted.  Remember, as Hosea Ballou said, “every word spoken within the hearing of little children tends towards the formation of character.

Five Tips for Better Speech and Hearing:

Keep it Quiet

Yelling causes too much stress on the vocal cords and can cause damage leading to voice loss.

Tot Talk….

Ask your toddler open-ended questions to encourage healthy speech development.

It’s a Date! 

Schedule regular check-ups and treat ear infections immediately.  Untreated infections may lead to hearing loss.

Read With Me! 

Talking, reading and playing with your child daily will promote healthy speech

Have a Hard Head!

Prevent language disorders caused by brain injury.  Always wear a helmet when biking, skateboarding or taking part in other sports.

For young children, the sound of silence is frustrating. They learn to talk by listening to others speak. Does your child seem to have difficulty understanding you? Is your child slow in learning to talk or asks to hear things repeated. One in ten children born in Canada has, or will develop a speech, language or hearing disorder. Early detection is critical and hearing loss can be identified and treated even in newborn babies. If you suspect a problem with your child’s hearing, speech or language, speak up.   Contact the Hearing Services or Speech Language Pathologist nearest you:

  • Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region:  766-7706
  • Sun Country Health Region:  Speech & Language = 637-3646 (Estevan) or 842-8684 (Weyburn), Hearing Services = 842-8618
  • Sunrise Health Region:  786-0600

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