Creative Materials

CLAY:  Clay and play dough offer opportunities for children to be creative, release energy and stress.  Play dough and clay can be pulled, pushed, squeezed and punched.  Rolling pins and cookie cutters may add to the fun.

PAINT:  Painting is creative fun that can be calming for children.  Be sure to provide different paint textures and colours.  Let children try painting with straws, cotton balls, Q-tips, sponges, feathers, string, pipe cleaners or fruits and vegetables cut crossways.

WATER:  Let children experiment by trying to float objects of different weights, pouring and measuring.  You can add food colouring or bubbles, or let them wash dolls and toys.

CHALK AND CRAYONS:  Using chalk to draw on large areas like sidewalks and driveways is an activity that generations of children have enjoyed.  Freedom to create on large, blank surfaces is far more fun that simply giving children activity sheets and telling them to “stay in the lines”.  Try using sandpaper, screens or coins under paper to get different effects and to make colouring more fun.

SAND:  Working with sand can be relaxing and it offers a smooth sensory experience.  Be sure to include digging tools, pails, molds, trucks, cars, and toy people.  You can also add dry tempera paint to colour the sand.

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