Ready for School ~ Social Knowledge & Competence

Social Knowledge and Competence is the ability to get along with others and make friendships.   Children who are ready for school generally:

  • Are cooperative and self confident
  • Show respect for others and property
  • Follow rules and take care of belongings
  •  Take responsibility for own actions
  • Show self control
  • Work neatly and independently
  • Solve problems
  • Follow directions and routines
  • Easily adjust to changes
  • Are curious about the world and eager to explore new things, such as books, toys and games.

Why is this important?  Children who get along well with others and who can adjust to new situations are children who are prepared to learn and succeed – both at school and throughout life! 

You are your child’s first and most important teacher!  Here are some things you can do together to enhance your child’s Social Knowledge and Competence:

Encourage your preschooler to play and work with other children:

  • Invite neighboring families with similar age children over for a play date
  • Ask your preschooler if she would like to have a play date and let her choose who to invite
  • Help children cook together
  • Give your older preschooler the chance  to play with younger children
  • Allow your preschooler to play with the same children again and again

Teach acceptable behavior:

  • Before you take your child to visit someone, or someplace (i.e.:  doctor’s office) give clear expectations (i.e.: we will walk and not run)
  • Set limits in a positive way.  Say “please do this” rather than “don’t do this”.

Encourage your child to control his behavior, cooperate and follow rules:

  • Talk about respecting others and model respect to those around you
  • Be consistent with rules and schedules
  • Praise your preschooler for the good things he does every day
  • Play games where you and your child take turns, like “Go Fish”.  Praise your child for waiting his turn.
  • Ask your preschooler to help you with some of your chores

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