Choosing Safe Child Care ~ Part One

It is hard to choose someone to take care of your children.   Licensed Child Care Centres (Daycares) and Family Child Care Homes are provincially regulated.  There is a Consultant to check such things as the number of children to staff, play areas, health and safety issues, and much more.  If you need a subsidy to help with monthly fees, a licensed facility can help you out.  Any facility or home that is licensed will have a copy of their license to show you.

It is best to know what you are looking for before searching for the right place for your child.  Child Care Centres have a lot to offer including longer daytime hours and mixed groups of children.  However, if your child does not like to be around lot of noise or many busy little people, a Family Child Care Home or private child care provider might be a better place for them. 

Some Questions to ask:

  • What does the caregiver know about child development?
  • How many children are being cared for by each caregiver?
  • How does the caregiver supervise and manage the children’s behavior?
  • Is there a program plan?  Ask to see a sample of the daily routine and about what other activities the children may take part in. 
  • Ask about safety
  • Ask about the food served and to see a sample menu
  • Ask for references – and be sure to check them out!

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