Nursery Rhymes for Toddlers

Saying nursery rhymes with your toddler is a lot of fun.  With lots of eye contact, gentle physical contact, smiles and laughter, it shows you love them and enjoy spending time with them. 

Nursery rhymes will also help your toddler develop language.  They will recognize words they know – such as those identifying parts of the body.  They will also associate the actions with words, and in doing so, surround words with meaning.   Saying nursery rhymes in rhythmic style or singing them teaches your child rhythm, which is a beginner math concept.

Toddlers enjoy vigorous rhymes with a big climax at the end.  They have strong preferences and will be determined to do their favourites.  A quieter familiar rhyme can have a calming effect and even change their mood in a difficult moment. 

 Here are a few classic rhymes to enjoy with your toddler! 


My old friend Jake was thin as a snake (Draw a wiggly line on child’s tummy)

And light as a drop of rain (Gentle tickling for rain drops)

One windy day, Jake flew away (Blow on tummy)

And never was seen again! (Drop child between your knees or lift up and over shoulder)


Rain on the green grass (Rain fingers down and stretch arms wide to show grass)

Rain on the trees (Hold arms up to make tree branches)

Rain on the rooftops (Make a roof shape with arms)

But not on me! (Shake head and smile)



In my house there is a room (With your hands or child’s hands make a pointed house shape)

In my room there is a bed (make a square room shape)

On the bed is a tiny teddy bear (hand palm up for a bed)

With a very bad cold in his head (cuddle other hand into”bed”)

Ah-ah-ah-ah-choo! (Everybody sneezes)

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