Nursery Rhymes for Preschoolers

Preschoolers like to do action rhymes.  They often like to do rhymes in the company of others, sitting next to Mom, or doing the rhyme to her. 

Nursery rhymes not only help your preschooler develop language, but can also teach skills such as numbers, or dressing.  The precise actions also develop fine and gross motor skills. Saying nursery rhymes in rhythmic style or singing them teaches your child rhythm, which is a beginner math concept.

Here are a few classic rhymes to enjoy with your preschooler!

COBBLER, COBBLER (Good Rhyme for putting on shoes)

Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe (pat child’s foot)

My big toe is poking through (wiggle toe)

Stitch it up and stitch it down (walk fingers up and down foot)

And I will give you half a crown

Cobbler, Cobbler, mend my shoe (pat foot again)

Get it done by half past two (pat wrist or watch)


Five little fishes swimming in a pool (wiggle hands like fish swimming)

The first fishy said “This pool is cool” (“Shiver” hands)

The second fishy said “This pool is deep” (Reach hands down to touch the floor)

The third fishy said “I want to sleep” (Hands together on cheek with head inclined to sleep)

The fourth fishy said “Let’s dive and dip” (Dip and dive hands)

The fifth fishy said “I spy a ship” (make circle with thumb and index finger and look through)

The fishing boat came RRRRRR (wiggle hands together and make motor sound)

The fishing lines went KERSPLASH! (Put hands together and pretend to cast fishing line)

And away all the five little fishes dashed! (Hide fish hands behind back)



Here is the bunny with ears so funny (two fingers up for bunny ears)

And here is his hole in the ground (fingers of other hand make a circle)

At the first sound he hears, he pricks up his ears (straighten up bunny ear fingers)

And jumps in his hole in the ground (bunny dives in the hole)


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