Ready for School ~ Language & Cognitive Development ~ Numeracy Skills

A child who is ready for school generally:

ð  can count to 20

ð  recognizes different shapes and numbers

ð  can compare, sort and classify

ð  uses one-to-one correspondence

ð  understands simple time concepts

ð  is interested puzzles, math and numbers

ð  has no difficulty in remembering things

Why is this important?  Children whose numeracy skills are appropriate for their age are children who are prepared to learn and succeed – both at school and throughout life!  You are your child’s first and most important teacher!  Here are some things you can do together to enhance your child’s numeracy skills:

  • Read together out loud every day. 
    • Read stories where numbers are important (ie:  Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, etc)
    • Find numbers and shapes on street signs and buildings
  • Play, Play, Play! Play is children’s work – it is how they learn about the world.  The more senses they use to experience something, the more they are building their brains and the better they will remember what they are learning.
    • Name and describe 3 things about different objects.  For example a book 1) is flat 2) can rip and 3) has pages
    • Sing counting songs and nursery rhymes
    • Play memory games like “I Spy”
    • Put things away in the right place (ie: dishes)
    • Measure and pour with different containers in the sand box
    • Sort socks and laundry
  • Making crafts is an opportunity to learn about the world.
    • Make a collage with stickers and whatever craft supplies you have on hand.  Together with your child, sort and count the various craft items (pipe cleaners, beads, etc) while working on your project.  When it’s done give the masterpiece a title and hang it up for all to see!                                                                                   

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