January 27th is Raise A Reader Day!

Family Literacy Day reminds us all of the importance of reading and doing other activities as a family.  It has been held annually on January 27th since 1999.  

Taking time to read or do a learning activity with children helps develop their language and numeracy skills.  Even just 15 minutes a day can improve a child’s skills dramatically.  This helps parents keep their own skills sharp as well.

There are many ways to strengthen your family’s literacy skills.  Read, write, play games, follow recipes or sing songs together for 15 minutes each day.   The benefits of spending this time together are far reaching to everyone. 

Try some of these simple ideas to celebrate Family Literacy Day with your preschoolers:

  • Sort colours and count the number of items in each load of laundry.  This will help develop math skills.
  • Follow a recipe together.  Measuring different ingredients will help to learn about food groups.  It also helps develop math skills.
  • Cut out pictures from the grocery flyer to make your grocery list.   Talk about the healthy foods you are going to buy.
  • While at the grocery store, find things that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Read street names and think of animals that begin with the first letter of each street.
  • Count how many people are in the doctor’s office while you wait.

For more great ideas about Family Literacy Day, visit ABC Life Literacy’s website at http://abclifeliteracy.ca/family-literacy-day

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