Activities with Your Baby

From the time he is born, your baby can see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

At two weeks, your baby can see clearly for at least 8-10 inches.  Encourage this by facing your baby as you feed, bathe, or pick baby up.

Hold baby so that his face is about 8 inches from your face as you talk to your baby.  This distance is perfect for breastfeeding!

Place black and white or brightly colored pictures, fabrics or objects where baby can see and focus on them.   Pictures from magazines, scraps of material or even cereal boxes will work fine.

Your baby loves to hear you talk.  This is the beginning of his language development.  Talk to your baby in a kind, gentle playful tone. 

Always use nice, positive words when you refer to your baby.  The way he feels about himself is beginning to take shape now.  Use words like smart, strong, pretty, happy, cute, sweet, healthy, and kind.

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