February 20th is Family Day

Family Day is observed on the third Monday of February. This holiday celebrates the importance of family and family life to people and their communities.

Direct family communication is disappearing as individual family members become lost in their own electronic media world.


  • Children six and under spend an average of two hours a day with screen media.
  • 2 out of 3 newborn to 6 year olds live in homes where the TV is usually left on at least half the time even when no one is watching.

What we need to do:

Spending time with our children can be fun and educational for both child and caregiver. The activity does not need to be costly, but something you can all enjoy.

Here are some examples of some activities that can be enjoyed from home with the family:

Þ    Build a fort: Use chairs/sheet/pillows.

Þ    Get out the family photo album.

Þ    Clean the house together.

Þ    Spend time outdoors by sledding or make a snowman.

Þ    Make a collage out of pictures from old magazines.

Þ    Draw pictures of members of your family.

Þ    Baking.

Þ    Start a family exercise group.

Þ    Have a culture night. Make a meal and learn about another culture.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these great opportunities to spend time with your family.

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