Ages & Stages of Play ~ Toddlers

March 26, 2012

From 18 – 30 months of age, children are very active.  Toddlers enjoy large toys like a tricycle, wagon or stick horse.  These toys help develop gross motor skills (large muscles).

Sand and water play are fun ways to experiment with size, shape and weight.

Toddlers are curious about symbols, numbers and letters.  They enjoy hearing their favourite stories read over and over.  Through contact with other children, toddlers learn manners, cooperation, and the importance of friendship, sharing and waiting their turn.

What Parents Can Do:

  • Pretend play (create a traffic jam with toy cars)
  • Play tag, bounce and catch
  • Hide things, “lose” things, and let children hide things from you
  • Build with blocks
  • Play guessing games
  • Play “Follow the Leader”
  • Notice and praise efforts
  • Help toddlers to classify objects (by color, size, shape…)
  • Sing to children