Getting Clean, Learning and Having Fun

It is always a lot of fun to get dirty. There are great things out there like mud puddles and markers. Sometimes it is not as fun to get clean. Here are some games to play in the tub that are fun for you and for your child and also helps them learn with water…

Sink or Float – Bring a variety of everyday items into the bath with your child. Try sponges, balls, favorite plastic toys, plastic building blocks, toy boats, and plastic dinosaurs. Have your child hold the item and ask, “Do you think it will sink or float?” Try holding two items and guessing which of the two will float and which will sink. Then, test to see!

Make Magic Colours – Add a few drops of food color to ice-cube trays, add water, and freeze. While your child plays in the tub, she can drop in an ice cube and watch as the water changes color. Talk about how the dark ice cube turns the water a light color, and then try dropping two different colored ice cubes into the water and guessing what color it will make.

Bathtub Baking – Bring a selection of plastic measuring cups and spoons into the bath with your child. Kids enjoy pouring water from one cup to the next and using smaller cups to fill larger ones. How many 1/4-cup containers will fill up a cup? How many tablespoons fill a cup?



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