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Long before your child begins school, they can learn a second language.

  • Your child is learning by listening, seeing, imitating and practicing.  Talk to your children right from the start!  Tell your child what you are doing.  Introduce rhymes, songs, numbers and colors in a second or even third language.  If you do not speak a second language, encourage the language development in your child by getting CD or DVD’s (Think Dora the Explorer). Your child will pick up a second language with great ease.  

Benefits of a second Language

·         It will allow your child access to more people and resources

·         It may help them get a better job when they are older.

·         Your child will be more creative and adapt at solving problems.

·         It will help your child to learn and speak English. Studies find that students who learn a second language score higher on college entrance exams than those who do not.

·         Your child will have a stronger understanding of multiculturalism.

Should I help my child learn a second language?

·         Yes! A second language offers many benefits to children!   

 For some great language resources, click on the following links.



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