Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger!

April 30, 2012

As a parent or caregiver, one of your biggest fears is having your child abducted. It is very important that you take the time to teach your child about people who might want to hurt them. The best way is to get your children involved in their own protection.

  • Become aware of any possible predators.
    • People who seem too good to be true, offers of extensive help to your family, or people who know too much about your children and family.
    • Know all adults who have contact with your children.
  • Continue to tell your children you love them no matter what!
  • Speak in age appropriate language and give them instructions on what to do.
    • This will give children a sense of empowerment by knowing how to protect themselves.
    • Keep it simple!
  • Ensure that your child knows that they have the right to say NO.
    • If they feel threatened, they have permission to make a scene or run to a public place.
    • Reassure to your children that they will not be in trouble even if they are wrong.
    • Children need to know that no one has the right to hurt them.
  • Ensure your child knows what acceptable behavior is and what is out-of-bounds.
    • Talk to your children about pedophiles as soon as they have the ability to understand you.
    • Children need to learn about their private parts on their bodies and that no one else should touch them.
  • Practice with your child.
    • Take the time to rehearse what your child should do if in a dangerous situation.
  • Remind your children that bad people are not necessarily scary or strange looking.
    • Bad people could be the person right next door, or even someone they know.