The Power of Play

Why Play?

  • Playing builds Imagination
  • Playing promotes Social Skills
  • Playing advances Physical Development
  • Playing helps children work through Emotions

What is your role as a Parent or Caregiver?

  • Join children in their world
    • Get down on the floor and get to their eye level.
    • Play games that your child wants to play – let them pick.
    • Do not focus on teaching or modeling – focus on sharing your child’s excitement and pleasure.
    • Comments like “wow that is one BIG fort you sure built!”lets your child know you are paying attention to them.
  • Giggle
    • Laughter is one of the easiest and best ways to create play within your family.
    • Your children will love it when you act goofy or silly.
    • Shared laughter strengthens the family as well as eases tension, conflict and hostility.
    • Laughing is also a great stress relief for parents!
    • Read joke books and tell funny stories to your children.
  • Active Physical Play
    • We all need to get physically active, and what a better way than to do it with your children.
    • Chasing, climbing, dancing – all great ways to get physically active and still have fun with your children.
    • Keep physical play fun, active, and non-competitive.
    • When you go to the park with your children, follow them up and down the slides, play on the teeter-totter with them, and get just as active as they are.
    • Children who see parents being physically active will learn that physical activity is a natural part of life.

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