25 Words Every Two Year Old Should Know

Your toddler’s first words are exciting! A new survey from the Child Study Institute at Bryn Mawr College suggests a list of 25 words that all children should know by age 2.

Professor Leslie Rescorla studied 78 two-year-olds for a fifteen year period. Half of the children in the study were “late talkers”. At age 17, the “late talkers” had “average” to “good” vocabularies. However, they were below those who were “good talkers” when they were young. The “late talkers” had trouble listening to words, sentences or numbers and then repeating them back.

The 25 words are about toys, food, animals, families and daily routines. They use sounds that a young child finds easy to form. While keeping in mind that all children develop at different speeds, experts say that this list may detect children who might struggle with words when they get older. The 25 words that all 2 year olds should know are:

  1. Mommy
  2. Daddy
  3. baby
  4. milk
  5. juice
  6. hi/hello
  7. ball
  8. yes
  9. no
  10. dog
  11. cat
  12. nose
  13. eye
  14. banana
  15. biscuit/cookie
  16. car
  17. hot
  18. thank you
  19. bath
  20. shoe
  21. hat
  22. book
  23. all gone
  24. bye bye
  25. more

Toddlers need to interact and talk with others! TV’s are no substitute. Parents can help by reading books to children, talking to them, and playing vocabulary building games. If you are worried about your child’s speech, talk to your Public Health Nurse.

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