Childhood Obesity

Obesity in children is rising at an alarming rate, due to:

Ÿ Lack of physical play

Ÿ Too much “screen time” spent watching television, playing video games or on computer

Ÿ Increase in portion sizes and use of “convenience” foods

This has also lead to an increase in medical conditions that in the past were only seen in adults. Now we have children with Hypertension (high blood pressure), Type two diabetes and high cholesterol.

This is concerning! As parents we want only the best for our children! What can we do to ensure that our children remain healthy and fit?

Ÿ Plan meals based on the Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating

Ÿ Decrease portion sizes at meals

Ÿ “Treats” should be enjoyed in moderation – 1-2 times per week

Ÿ Provide healthy snacks – fresh fruits and vegetables

Ÿ Limit the amount of “screen time”

Ÿ Increase active physical play to 60 minutes a day.

Some ideas to keep active include:

Ÿ Bike riding

Ÿ Walking/hiking

Ÿ Soccer

Ÿ Skating

Ÿ Rollerblading or skateboarding

Ÿ Swimming

Ÿ Organized sports

A Healthy Lifestyle, which includes active living and healthy eating, needs to become a way of life for all family members. Why not start today?

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