May is Early Learning & Child Care Month!

Celebrate Early Learning & Child Care Month in Your Community!

May is Early Learning & Child Care Month in Saskatchewan.    It is intended to:

  • celebrate early learning and care services
  • promote a sense of pride in Early Childhood Educators
  • stress the importance of the early years of life, and
  • value the early childhood education profession

Daycare centres and family care homes let parents to follow their educational and career goals.   School and work are much easier when parents know that their children are well cared for. 

Early Childhood Educators do so much more than just “babysit”.  They are knowledgeable and educated.   They plan high quality programs to support the development of all children in their care.  They create safe, inviting places for children to play and learn.  They also offer parenting advice and other resources.    

Take some time to show your child care provider how much you value her dedication to your family!

  • Ask your mayor to declare May as Early Learning & Child Care Month in your community
  • Plan an early childhood event in your community
  • Do something special for your child care provider.  Give a homemade gift of appreciation
  • Talk about the importance of the early years and quality child care to your friends and neighbours 

We call upon all Saskatchewan families to show their appreciation for our Early Childhood Educators.  The work they do for children and families in our communities is important.

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