Praise your Child

No matter what your child is involved in, praising them regularly is very important. Praise will encourage your child to continue to excel at whatever event they are working on. This can be something like painting a picture or riding a sheep! As long as you are there to keep encouraging your child, your child will be bound for success.

Ways to Praise your child:

  • Wow
  • Way to go
  • Great
  • Spectacular
  • You are so exciting
  • Beautiful work
  • Terrific
  • Awesome
  • You brighten my Day

When you praise your child, they feel good about themselves and have a strong sense of belonging. Even if your child seems to struggle at a task, encouraging words and praise are necessary. Phrases such as “Keep going, you almost got it”, or “you are doing awesome, we will keep trying” are great ways to encourage children to keep giving 100%. Regardless of the age of your child, praise is a warming feeling that helps children succeed and keep working to improve their skills.

Benefits of praising children include:

  • Developing will power
  • Encourage positive self-image and behavior
  • Develop self-confidence.

The following link is an example of both mom and dad praising their 2 year old daughter.

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