HyperActive Parents

Hyperactive Parents

When couples find out they are expecting a new baby, many take every measure possible to create a baby Einstein. Society has no shortage of products aiding in child development. This includes ‘prenatal education systems’ that claim to give Junior an intellectual, social, creative and emotional advantage. Once baby is born, parents rush to keep their child ahead of the other children by enrolling them into three or four different activities before they can even walk. Activities such as gymnastics, baby ballet, and baby videos are very common. Having your child in so many ‘helpful’ activities may not be as helpful as previously thought. Not only is it a full time job driving your child to all these activities, it is also financially challenging and may prove to be an overload for your child. Doing simple tasks at home such as sorting buttons from pasta will develop many of the same skills children need for starting school.

At Home Activities:

  • Play with cards.
  • Bake and let your child measure the ingredients.
  • Play outside with your child.
  • Read books about feelings together.
  • Sing songs that are familiar to you as well as your child. Introduce new songs for your child to learn.
  • Arrange play dates with other children.
  • Tell stories and take part in imaginative play.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Be available to your child.
  • Provide real experiences.
  • Have an honest and open relationship with your child.

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One Response to HyperActive Parents

  1. Margarita says:

    Excellent post! Especially the “used to say a few words or babble, but now he/she doesn’t” as that was my biesggt indication that something had seriously changed with my son (although our family DR “pooh-poohed” me about it).Early diagnosis is paramount to doing the most that we can with and for our children.My son was diagnosed by the time he was 2.5 yrs old and I think it made a world of difference to him.

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