Play Dates

Preschool, then swimming lessons, some lunch and off to music and Thursdays is soccer practice. It seems like a very rushed scheduled lifestyle for a preschooler. Yes, they may be having fun at these activities and sure, they are educational, but are all of these activities necessary all at once? As a preschooler, your child might just want to hang out with a few of his friends and well – play.

As a parent, if you feel overwhelmed with all the activities your child is involved in, your child is probably feeling the same. This is why play dates are so important. Children simply playing gives them the opportunity to imagine, pretend, and being silly with their friends. Parents still need to be involved in the play session though. It might be as simple as setting out play dough, or getting the kids ready to head outdoors.

Children learn from watching. When parents show them how to share the crayons or help each other build sand castles, kids store this information for next time. Children also learn from doing. Having play dates, children learn to cooperate, share, manners, and control their emotions. Children learn to take turns with each other while playing. Styles of play that enhance childhood development include two friends making up games, having a picnic, playing dress up, or having a backyard safari adventure!

JUST PLAYING by Anita Wadley


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