Puzzles – Learning How to Problem Solve and More…

Puzzles have long been a favorite activity of both young and old. I can remember many times sitting at the table with family building a jigsaw together. But, what are the benefits of puzzles with our young toddlers?

Well, puzzles improve their problem solving and reasoning skills. It helps them to see whole-part relationships. Depending on the puzzle, it can help them to learn a variety of topics like the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. Some puzzles also teach about categories like transportation, pets, vehicles and more. Puzzles are a great way to improve fine motor skills. It can help little ones learn to pick up and grasp pieces. It also helps with the development of the pincher grasp. As the child places each piece, they are manipulating it to see if it fits. Through this trial and error, they develop their hand eye coordination.

Puzzles are a great opportunity for socialization and cooperation. Children can take turns building the puzzle or inserting pieces. It can also help them learn to handle frustration when the piece doesn’t fit.

Puzzles can be an inexpensive way to have fun with your children. You can make puzzles together with your children from simple shapes, numbers and letters, Color them together. Then cut them into three to six pieces. Build them together. The fun and opportunity for learning is endless.



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