Developing Leadership Skills

September 24, 2012

Learn through play. This is a phrase that seems to be very repetitive. When children play they learn to develop leadership skills. Children learn to take control of their own lives while they play. This can be playing alone or with other children. With support and encouragement, all children have the potential to develop and enhance their leadership skills.

Encourage your child to think of things that they can make happen. An example would be to have your child think up a game, and then follow through with rules and actual play. Leadership skills in children can be learnt through communication, teamwork, negotiating, and planning. It is through games and activities that help develop their communication skills, team work and resilience. This lays the foundations for children to explore and initiate their leadership’s qualities.

Children who are ‘natural leaders’ find themselves involved in organizing things or people, generally creative, and have good communication skills from an early age. Every child can assume the role of being a leader. This might start out as being an older sister or brother.

To help your child become a strong leader you can:

  • Encourage verbal expression.
  • Display good listening and communication skills.
  • Have children listen first and then speak/act out.
  • Display positive teamwork within the family or play groups.
  • Negotiate with your children – this teaches a child to compromise.