Fire Prevention Week 2012

Fire Prevention Week takes place from October 7th – 13th. Fire Prevention Week is recognized every October during the full week. Despite the fact that fewer fire losses are reported in Canada, still, an average of 8 Canadians die from a fire every week. Most of these fires are preventable and are caused by careless behavior. 

 Here are some safety tips:

  • Teach children that matches and lighters are to be used by adults only, they are not toys. Matches and lighters should be kept on a high shelf, out of the reach of children.
  • Practice your fire escape plan with your family. Memorize the emergency numbers in your area (post them on the fridge). Practice responding calmly and correctly. Plan your escape now by: a) Maintaining your smoke alarms. b) Family discussion’s. c) Practicing often.

 In case of a real fire: Call out to others. Get out fast, closing doors behind you. Use the stairs,  not the elevator and call for help from a neighbor’s home. Never go back into a burning building!

  • Children are often not aware that many household items can cause burns or start fires.
  • Outdoor fire safety rules are habits that should be taught to children early, so they can use them throughout the years to come.
  • Make sure your campfire/bonfire is out before you leave.
  • There are additional fire risks with Christmas trees, pumpkin candles and birthday cakes throughout the year. Keep these occasions’ safe and fun for everyone. Use a flashlight instead of a candle in your pumpkin. Unplug Christmas lights when not in use. Water your Christmas tree to keep it moist.


There are many fun family activities that you can do together to learn about fire safety. Here is a link to a Fire Inspection Checklist that can be done together.


Here is a link to an escape plan that can be done with the whole family:



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